In addition to the success of the leaflets, on this year’s tour the SVB team decided to innovate and use different forms of activity on the shows. For example, “batecos” (inflatable batons) were made with the sentence “Do not eat animals” used by McCartney in animal rights campaigns.

“We had a great success with the inflatable batons, many fans are already vegetarians or sympathizers and others want to reduce or stop eating meat, not to mention the feedback from people who changed their habits by reading the leaflets at the show”, explained Larissa Maluf, SVB’s Communications Coordinator.

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Known worldwide for his brilliant musical career, Paul McCartney is also an important animal and environmental activist. The musician was responsible for launching the british Meat Free Monday, about ten years ago, and continues to campaign nowadays. During his visit to Brazil, his website published an article highlighting the achievements of the Brazilian campaign and the partnerships with the municipal and state governments of São Paulo. The former Beatle also tweeted about it congratulating the initiative.

Paul McCartney has also spoken to 89FM Radio Rock about his motivations regarding the movement. “I think there are two reasons really, one of them is for the environment, and then obviously for me the other reason is the animals, I have compassion for animals, I have done for a long time. Those two reasons put together are the reasons for Meat Free Monday” he said.


For Mônica Buava, SVB’s Campaign Manager and Meat Free Monday’s National Coordinator, the support of the musician symbolizes the evolution and success of the campaign. “Being congratulated by Paul McCartney once is already good, two is great and three times is just wonderful!”, Monica celebrates, recalling the former Beatle’s support during the Brazil tour in 2017 and 2014 when he received the SVB team in his dressing room to congratulate the Brazilian team. “The decision makers here in Brazil who are leading the Meat Free Monday ahead are aligned not just with Paul McCartney, but with the contribution to a better world and a healthier society.”

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The initiative was supported by Carob House, Moringa da Paz and Bio2 Organic.

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Meat Free Monday (Segunda Sem Carne) was launched by SVB in Brazil at the same year that the former Beatle created the British campaign.

Currently, Segunda Sem Carne is recognized as the largest campaign in the world. More than 40 countries have joined the movement. According to SVB, in 2018 Segunda Sem Carne has reached the mark of 67 million vegetarian meals served to more than three million people. For this year, the expectation is that this number exceeds the mark of 80 million vegetarian meals. The idea of the campaign is very simple: to invite the population to exchange animal protein (chicken, fish, cheese or egg) for plant protein at least once a week. The goal is to encourage people to change their eating habits, bringing benefits to health, animals and the environment.


Sociedade Vegetariana Brasileira (SVB) is a non-profit organization founded in 2003. SVB promotes plant-based diets as an ethical, healthy, sustainable and fair choice. By organizing veg fests, promoting Meatless Mondays, managing a Vegan Label, and working with restaurants to increase vegan offerings through their Vegan Option Program. SVB also works with health professionals to spread knowledge of the health benefits of a plant-based diet. For more information check the website at, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.  


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