Brazilian Vegetarian Society presents Milk Orphans – a short film that exposes the dairy industry


Initially released in Portuguese in February this year, Milk Orphans – now available in English – recounts the difficult reality seen at Fazenda Água Sumida, in Brotas, São Paulo, where hundreds of buffaloes were found malnourished and abandoned in November 2021. Images of the catastrophic disaster serve as a wake up call to show the negative impact that the dairy industry has on the lives of buffaloes, cows and calves.

“This case touched many people all over the world and the short film was created with the purpose for the story not to be forgotten, bringing awareness about animal rights and the urgency to change our habits.” says Larissa Maluf, who volunteered in the case and directed the short film.

After watching the movie, veterinarian Marcelo Beltrao Molento said: “These animals deserve our total respect and we need to completely change the dairy industry. All animals in the dairy industry suffer through their entire lives. Milk production means pain, and when buying dairy products people need to be aware that these animals suffer constantly, every day.”


Milk Orphans has already won a prestigious Award of Excellence from The Best Shorts Film Competition and also Best Documentary Short and Grand Jury Prize from Brazil New Visions Film Festival.


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Title: Milk Orphans – A story about forgotten mothers and children from the dairy industry

Genre: Documentary short

Length: 13:34

Created and executed by: Brazilian Vegetarian Society 

Director: Larissa Maluf

Script: Larissa Maluf, Ricardo Laurino

Production: Ricardo Laurino, Monica Buava, Marcela Borges, Ana Paula Aureliano


Media Contact:

Larissa Maluf – [email protected]


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